NEW PRODUCT: Spitfire Speed Loader. Load 24 rounds in under three minutes, no muss, no fuss. Check out the Accessories section for more information.
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Gunfighters!  when you order bullets you can add accessories and not add to your shipping in most cases.

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High heat bullets

  Most wax bullets have a melting point of between 135 degrees to 150.  At 150 they are a puddle.  At 135 they maintain their shape but will squish between your fingers. That means you have an equal chance they will spit rather than exit the barrel whole.  Our high temp bullet has a squish point of 185 degrees.  The Deputies of Upland, Ca. tested them by putting them in casings, in a clear plastic case, on a black cloth, on a table in the middle of an asphalt parking lot, in the direct sun on a 112 degree day...

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We have ballistic nets available for backdrops behind your targets.  These are not your usual arrow netting.  We have in stock 8' x 10' nets for your garage or back yard.  They have grommets on all the sides for hanging and will not let wax bullets go through.  This net is presently being used by the Treasure Valley Gunfighters in Notus, Idaho for their backdrops.  It is the home of the Great Northwest Territorial competition that is held in May. We also can supply custom sizes and the average cost is around $2.50 per sqft.  They also can be hooked...

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