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    GOTOW summer 2009

    Be sure to check out the "Get Lightning Fast Draws" article by Bob Arganbright in the Guns of the Old West summer 2009 issue for a review of Spitfire bullets.

    These pictures were sent by a gunsmith who tested Spitfires using a revolver locked in a vice. He used a gun with a 3.5" barrel, but still managed to get very accurate groupings.

    At 17-feet the grouping was approximately 2/3rds of an inch from center to center of the furthest bullets.

    At 21-feet the grouping was just under an inch from bullet centers.

    17 foot test

    21 foot test

    Nail Bender test The test at right was conducted by Cowboy Action Shooter, Nail Bender. He shot this grouping at 21-feet freehand using a Ruger New Vaquero. The grouping is 1.5 inches center to center. The following is a letter he sent us:

    In 1996 I became interested in Single Action Shooting (SASS). For many years after my discharge from the Marine Corps I pursued many types of shooting sports, many of which I still do today. My name is Roy Stafford, but many of my friends know me as NailBender.

    During the local matches of fast draw at Prado Shooting Range in Chino, California I met Bob Bussinger, a man who is a world record holder in fast draw. I was impressed with Bob's speed with the sixgun. We became fast friends and I learned a lot about the sport from him.

    One problem that Bob and I shared was most wax bullets were either too large or too small, and you had to do a lot of bullet sorting to achieve the accuracy you needed to be competitive. I believe Bob solved the wax bullet problem. He sent me one thousand of his Spitfire wax bullets for me to test. I have spent a lot of time testing his bullets. I chose 21 to 25 feet for the tests, and I was amazed how well they shot. I shoot a lot of off hand standing with both pistols and rifles. All my testing with the Spitfire wax bullets were done standing with a two hand hold. I feel this way gives a much better picture just how well these bullets perform. I kept records of my targets, and all my tests showed an average of 2.5 inches at 21 feet. I used several of my .45 revolvers in the tests with blank brass and .209 Remington shotgun primers.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Bob has a real winner with these Spitfire .45 caliber wax bullets. I weighed many of these bullets and they never varied over 1/10th of a grain. Every revolver I shot them in was a winner. You will need look no further for a great wax bullet. Bob makes them and he calls them Spitfires.

    Some of my history:
    • I joined the Marine Corps in 1949
    • I shot one of the highest scores ever with the M1 rifle in boot camp
    • I shot with the Marines on the Marine Corps Rifle Team
    • Served with the 1st Marines in Korea
    • I was a rifle and pistol instructions in the Marine Corps

    I am looking forward to shooting in Cowboy Fast Draw, and Spitfires will be my wax bullets

           Roy "NailBender" Stafford

    Hello there,

    I just received my 1st order of your Spitfire wax bullets. I tested them right away, and am very pleased to say the least.

    I love the way they fit into the case mouths, slip in up to the little rounded tip. No guessing where the bullet seating depth is.

    I fired 6 shots at my CFDA target plate, 21' away. Your Spitfire bullets hit inside a tight 2" group. It looked like one single wide splat mark on the plate! The other brand of wax bullets I'd been using could never keep this type of accuracy.

    Also, after a 30 rnd practice session, I found less wax barrel fouling with your bullets than the other brand I'd been using. The gun was easier to clean.

    I intend to use your red Spitfire bullets from now on.

    Thanks much,

           R. James

    These screen captures show super slow-motion video clips from a TV show featuring a Fast Draw shooter using a WFDA speed draw to hit an apple from 10' using Spitfire Wax Bullets.

    To view this shot on YouTube you can click here to view the video. The apple shot starts at 3:15 in the clip.
    Marksmen 1

    Marksmen 2

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