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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do you load wax bullets into the cases?

        Wax bullets can be pushed into the shell case with finger pressure. No loading equipment is required. A small amount of the wax may shave off the edge as you push the bullet in the case, which is normal, and will depend on the exact dimensions of the cases you use.

    2. What propellant do you use to fire wax bullets?

        You can either use normal large pistol primers to propel the wax bullets, or 209 shotshell primers. With the specially made cases to accommodate the 209 primers, the primers simply drop into the primer pocket, and should drop out again when you unload. If the primer expands a bit and is stuck in the case you can use your ejector rod to pop the primer out.

    3. How far will the wax bullets travel accurately?

        With a pistol primer the wax bullets will travel at least 8' accurately. With a 209 primer the wax bullet will travel at least 21' accurately.

    4. How often should I clean the gun when shooting wax bullets?

        To make sure your accuracy is not affected by wax build-up in the barrel we recommend running a cleaning brush through the barrel every 30 shots. When shooting in Fast Draw competition it's always recommended to run a brush through the barrel after each round of shooting.

    5. How do I clean the cases when using 209 primers?

        You'll probably find that the 209 primer leaves a slight greasy residue on the case after being fired. Most shooters find that the easiest way to clean the cases is to use a rag or paper towel to quickly wipe the case prior to putting it back in the box after shooting.

    6. What can I do if the fired 209 primer causes the gun to jam?

        You may find that some brands of primers cause your cylinder to jam after firing. This is caused by expansion of the primer when fired, which is called "backing out". The amount of head-space between the back of the cylinder and frame is a factor in this situation. Shooters have reported different 209 primers that work best to them, but we've found that the RIO 209 primers are the most reliable, along with the Cheddite and Fioccho. We've also found that Winchester, CCI and Remington 209 primers will back out and cause the gun to jam. Make sure that the primer you choose has a flat top, not a domed top, as those almost always cause backout problems.

    7. Will wax bullets work in a semi-automatic?

        Wax bullets will not work in semi-automatics as there is not enough pressure to cycle the mechanism. Wax bullets with primers are designed for use in single or double-action revolvers, or rifles with our grooved cases.

    8. Where do I get 209 shotshell primers?

        You can find 209 shotshell primers at gun stores selling reloading supplies, or at most on-line shooting suppliers.

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