The Most Accurate Wax Bullets Ever Produced

    Spitfire Wax Bullets The creation of Spitfire Wax Bullets came about from a dissatisfaction with the accuracy of the available wax bullets. Two and a half years of development and testing different designs, with feedback from many top shooters, has produced the most accurate wax bullets on the market.

    Wax bullets are used in Fast Draw competition, or simply as a great way to save money on handgun practice.

    Spitfire Wax Bullets with shells and shotshell primers
    Wax bullets can be shot from a normal shell with a large pistol primer that will propel the bullet accurately for about 8', but for best results they are usually shot from a shell with an enlarged primer pocket to accept 209 shotshell primers as seen in the picture at left. The wax bullets and 209 primers pop in using finger pressure, so NO reloading equipment is required. When propelled by a 209 primer the bullet will travel accurately for at least 21' before starting to drop.

    $25 for 1,000 bullets
    We manufacture our bullets in .30, .357, .38 & .45

    The shipping containers we use can fit a few thousand bullets, so be sure to compare shipping prices at the different volumes.

    Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

    Shell Cases for use with 209 Shotshell Primers

    The 209 primers will simply drop into these nickel plated cases using finger pressure. No priming equipment is required, and the primer will drop out, or can be knocked out using your ejection rod. We recommend the RIO 209 primer as it's found to work best with wax bullets, along with Cheddite and Fioccho (please check item #7 in our FAQ page for more details). These cases are sold in boxes of 50.

    Click the pictures to view larger versions

    .45 Colt Cases
    .45 Caliber Wax Cases for use with 209 Shotshell Primers
    .45 Colt caliber cases drilled out to take 209 shotshell primers
    .38 Special Cases
    .38 Caliber Wax Cases for use with 209 Shotshell Primers
    .38 Special caliber cases drilled out to take 209 shotshell primers.
    .38 Special Cases - BACK IN STOCK! Yes, we have them available again!

    $40 for 50 nickel plated cases in .38 Spcl & .45 Colt

    GOTOW summer 2009

    Be sure to check out the "Get Lightning Fast Draws" article by Bob Arganbright in the Guns of the Old West summer 2009 issue for a review of Spitfire bullets, or visit our Shooter Feedback page for other shooter's comments.

    U.S. orders only - Please contact us for International orders

    Wax Bullets

    Cost S&H
    to U.S.
    1,000 $25 $11.50 $36.50
    2,000 $50 $11.50 $61.50
    3,000 $75 $11.50 $86.50
    4,000 $100 $15.95 $115.95
    5,000 $125 $23 $148.00
    For bullet orders over 5,000 please use multiples of the available amounts (example: for 8,000 bullets order two orders of 4,000 to optimize shipping costs). Please contact us for large orders or orders to be shipped outside the USA.

    Nickel Plated Cases drilled out for 209 primers - .38 or .45
    50 Cases $40 $5.50 $45.50
    100 Cases $80 $11.50 $91.50
    150 Cases $120 $11.50 $131.50
    200 Cases $160.00 $11.50 $171.50

    Please e-mail or call us for pricing on larger orders,
    or orders to be shipped outside the USA

    Combo Starter Packages

    1,000 bullets &
    50 Cases
    $65 $11.50 $76.50
    2,000 bullets &
    100 Cases
    $130.00 $11.50 $141.50

    Delivery in 1-2 weeks

    Check or Money Order - Please make payable and send to:
    Bussinger & Co.
    24611 Coleford Street
    Lake Forest, CA 92630-3937

    Please include: Name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, caliber (.30, .38, .357 or .45), and use the price list above to calculate your total amount.

    Contact Us

    Please contact Bob Bussinger of Bussinger & Co. at:

    Phone (between 9am & 6pm Pacific time please): 949-855-4445


    Spitfire Wax Bullets box label

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